To contact the Detroit Retired and Active Employees Association:
P.O. Box 3724
Highland Park, MI 48203
Twitter: @Detroit2700plus

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  1. Here are two poems that capture the situation in America and Detroit. I have the research.

    The War Is Here
    Michael La Crone

    Battles over there, nothing to fear;
    Iraq a sideshow, the war is here.
    1929, all over again;
    stock market fraud, now as then!

    Free stock, for Insider bosses;
    2008, 401k losses!
    Bonus gifts, by the millions;
    retirements ruined, by the $trillions

    Corrupt finance, bankers lied;
    war on workers, justice denied!
    Fraud the weapon, bankers deployed;
    public deceived, lives destroyed!

    Bankrupt Detroit, transfer of wealth;
    perfect storm, parasitic stealth!
    Wages earned, shovels digging;
    savings lost, financial rigging!

    Government captured, growing the costs!
    How to stop, the mounting loss?
    Insider claims, investors no voice;
    zero-sum games, rights without choice!

    Betrayed trust, workers’ debt;
    never forgive, never forget!
    Congress feeding, on insider loot;
    Bankers’ finance, fraud at the root!

    Michael R. La Crone (May 2006)

    Man buys to build, upon his land;
    Soon finds his castle, sunk in sand!
    Investor too; stocks, she planned;
    Takes her loss, at the broker’s hand!
    Contrived deception, purpose subverted;
    Empty promises, carefully worded!

    Financial ruin, investments a waste;
    Equity stolen; pensions debased!
    Foul is the deed, what is the aim?
    Self-dealing greed! A zero-sum game!
    Parasite on labor, insider by name;
    Predators’ sport; the victim to blame!

    Politician the servant, regulation, and rule;
    Duplicitous dealer, the insider’s tool!
    What’s to be done? A critical flaw;
    Ownership rights? The rule of law?
    Illusory claims; a ballot, no sense;
    An equity bullet, the last defense!

    Justice awry, that allows such a cost;
    Justice restored, that returns all was lost!